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Mayo’s Kitchen

Soulful Side Dishes


Hand Cut French Fries           $2.25







Amina’s Homemade


Mixed Collard Greens

and Cabbage

Made with Turkey

(No Pork)

and Seasoned

to perfection





Amina’s Homemade


Fresh Cut

Whole Green Beans  

Seasoned to Perfection

No Pork






Amina’s Homemade


Baked Beans

Seasoned to perfection

No Pork






Oven Baked Macaroni & Cheese









**Our Signature Side Dishes**

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Nachos and Cheese



With Ground Beef

and Jalapenos


Standard Sides


Hand Cut French Fries        $2.25

Cole Slaw                               $1.95

Baked Beans                          $1.95

Potato Salad                         $2.25

Green Beans                          $2.25

Corn Bread                            $0.50


Deluxe Sides

Fried Mushroom                    $3.95

Hushpuppies                          $2.50

Okra (Fried)                            $3.25

Mac & Cheese                      $3.50

Greens and Cabbage           $3.95

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