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Amina’s Fish

   Inside  Mayo’s Kitchen



1494 Mt. Vernon Ave  * Columbus Ohio 43203

Mayo’s Service Center, Ltd

Kitchen * Printing * Financial Service * Books * Rentals

1494 - 1500 Mt. Vernon Ave. *  Columbus, Ohio 43203

www.mayosprinting@aol.com  - www.mayosservice@aol.com

Phone: 614.258.7035  -  Fax: 614.258.7042

Order By Phone:


 For faster Service


Visa * Mastercard * Discover

and American Express Accepted

Now Offering Delivery to:


Ohio State University  East Hospital , CarePoint East,  Isabelle Ridgeway Care Center

(Lobbies Only)

Near Eastside Church and Business only


No Delivery after 5pm * Delivery $2.00 * No Saturday Deliveries

Specializing in Grass Fed Beef and Free Range Chicken

Barbara Fortner's Profile Photo

Amina Muhammed

Aka: Barbara

Mark E. Mayo Sr

Aka: Mayo